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Alexis Southall (UK)




“I am really excited to be part of this platform! I developed my skills as a teacher through trial and error, and this platform offers you the perfect opportunity to skip all those mistakes and be the best teacher you can for your students. I am excited to be a source of inspiration for your classes and to share the things that I’ve learned about being an effective teacher. I will be focusing on sharing technique for fusion bellydance and how to effectively communicate that to your students in a fun and engaging way, for all styles of learner.”


Alexis is based in Wolverhampton, UK, where she runs ‘Juniper Dance & Fitness School’, teaching classes in person and online. She has been the producer of the annual fusion bellydance festival ‘Infusion Emporium’ for the past decade.

Teaching dance since 2012, Alexis is a qualified Mat Pilates Instructor, and has trained in many formats such as Zoe Jakes’ Dancecraft (certified teacher), Unmata’s Improv Team Sync (certified teacher), and Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour formats, among others. In 2015 she launched a comprehensive training programme for dancers looking to develop their skills and grow their individual voice. The first of its kind in the UK, it was received with rave reviews, and demand to participate grows each year.

Esther Nederpelt (NL)

Authentic Teaching

Teaching Methods

Group Dynamics

“I am so happy to share our passion for teaching dance, therefore I found it an honor to contribute to this beautiful platform! I am fond of working with dance teachers all over the world in different dance styles and I am excited to share my experience, knowledge and passion for teaching dance. I am looking forward to meet you here! My workshops will be filled with subjects connecting to you as a teacher in your awareness of yourself, of your choices in methods and your communication skills within your authentic teaching (close to you as well as in connection with your students). Giving you very practical tools to work more efficiently with your own energy and simultaneously activate your students more, as wel as focussing on the group harmony to get your class flowing and growing!”


Esther teaches classes and workshops internationally, and is a guest dance teacher at the Academy of Dance Education Fontys. As a boardmember of the Dutch Association of Dance Professionals (Dansbelang NBDO) she organizes meetings, training-weekends and more.

She also is a coach for dancers, dance makers and theater players, both amateur and professional and everything in between. As a coach she has worked with dancers from a myriad of dance styles, including a lot of tribal fusion dancers.

Esther finds great satisfaction in increasing the present talent in every individual (or group). In her classes, workshops and coaching sessions, dance experience and dance technology come together. She works in a very practical and applicable way, so you can use all the information and insights in your practice as a teacher right away.

Doro (AU)

Safe Dance Practice

Strengthening & Conditioning


“I believe in Muze’s mission with all my heart! I believe the best way to grow is through connection and further education among likeminded people. Being a dance teacher is the best job in the world to me, but with so many unique and various needs that come up, it’s invaluable to have someone to share your joy with and also have your back when specific questions, training plateaus or inspiration dips arise. My focus on the platform will be Safe Dance Practice, with the aim to keep your body happy and able to dance joyfully for many years to come. Understanding the importance of proper alignment and movement mechanics will keep you and your students injury-free. Think of building strength as protection for your joints and conditioning as an investment in your future dance body!”


Doro’s main field of work lies in Fusion Bellydance, she loves nerding out about dance anatomy, safe dance practice and cross-training; currently with aerial & pole dance, weightlifting and active flexibility training. She is convinced that all bodies can dance and believes that through persistence and perspiration, you can achieve anything!

Teuta (NL/BE)

Authentic marketing

Personal Growth

“Muze has been a longtime dream of mine coming true. As a teacher I have always looked for inspiration for my classes in the strangest places. But sometimes I missed having a muse: a regular source to turn to for inspiration, insights and motivation. And that is exactly what Muze will be: a place where fusion bellydance teachers can go to for inspiration, training and connection. I will be focussing on authentic marketing and personal growth, as that is my personal passion, and I feel it is a great subject for dance teachers to explore.”


Teuta has been teaching fusion bellydance since 2010 in Amsterdam, and since 2014 in Ghent. She has organized 10 editions of the Fusion Breeze/ Freeze Festival. Since 2019 her passion has shifted to coaching, marketing & graphic design, and uniting the teacher community. She organized the first edition of the Tribe festival for fusion bellydance teachers in 2019, and now is launching Muze as her newest project.