Program Teuta

Authentic Marketing &
Personal Growth

Program with Teuta Dibrani

Authentic marketing is all about attracting the right kind of customers with whom we can be our natural selves. This program gives you the foundation you need so you can design a brand identity & marketing strategy that aligns with who you truly are.

1,5 hours of prerecorded workshops

1 hour of online 1 on 1 coaching with Teuta

1 authentic marketing

Authentic and joyful marketing starts way before making a flyer or a facebook post, it starts with the most important thing of your business: You! The starting point of this program will be making sure your dance business gives you energy, brings you joy and fulfills your purpose. With this solid foundation we will then have a look at how to transform this into a brand. How do you create appealing offerings, find your ideal client, and price your services? The final part of the program is all about boosting your visibility. Increasing brand awareness and building customer trust. 

What you will learn

The core of your dance business



Building an authentic brand

Aligning your business & your being


Promoting your brand

Boost your visibility

Curriculum Outline
1. The core of your dance business: You!
1.1 Find your rocket fuel: keeping your energy up
1.2 The power of purpose: finding fulfillment in life and business
1.3 Create your vision: the blueprint for your future
2. Building an authentic brand: Aligning your business & your being
2.1 Designing your product: creating authentic appealing offerings
2.2 Pricing & money mindset: towards a healthy money flow
2.3 Defining your ideal client: your vibe attracts your tribe
3. Promoting your brand: Boost your visibility
3.1 Growing your brand: Increasing brand awareness
3.2 Establishing brand loyalty: building customer trust
3.3 ? story telling / website / ?
Step 1

November 1st, 2021

Starting November 1st, 2021 you get access to the program, where the first recorded content is already available. All recorded videos will be available for you to watch until October 31st 2022.

Step 2

November 8th, 2021

From November 8th, 2021 to January 2022 new recorded content will be added weekly. All recorded videos will be available for you to watch until October 31st 2022.

Step 3

......., 2022

Sunday Evening ........ 2022 from 19.00 to 20.30 there will be a live group call with Esther via Zoom, where you can ask all your questions about the program content. Can't make it? This call will also be recorded.

Meet your teacher

Teuta Dibrani (NL / BE)

Teuta has been a fusion bellydance ambassador for years, with a love for connecting the worldwide community. One of Teuta’s biggest passions in life is giving others a stage to shine on. Literally by organizing festivals and shows like Fusion Breeze and Fusion Freeze. And figuratively as a life and marketing coach.

"I am looking forward to meet you here! I'll be giving you very practical tools to work more efficiently with teaching goals and methodological awareness. Smart teaching to save your energy and simultaneously activate your dance students more, as well as focusing on a clear transmission of your dance vision from your own authentic source. Inspirational input to get your dance class flowing and growing!”

Esther Nederpelt
Who is this program for?

New dance instructors looking for guidance and support

Experienced dance instructors looking for new information and ongoing training

Everyone interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of marketing


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