Program Esther

Smart & Authentic Teaching

Program with Esther Nederpelt

Expanding your vision on teaching can change your teaching life. In this program you will find out how to teach with more energy, authenticity and clarity, transforming your classes into a rich experience, for your dance students and for yourself! 

4,5 hours of prerecorded workshops

1,5 hour live group call with Esther

4 x 15 minute exercise videos

In addition to diving deeply into teaching methodologies, in this program we will explore different tools for smart teaching: discover how to create your dance material from an authentic place, how to save your energy, and how to guide your students to become self-reliant. We’ll also uncover how to teach with clear goals and how to transform your goals into teaching programs. Learn about the ‘what, how and why’ of movement, ‘the highway to growth’ and more. This program will enrich your teaching, and leave you ready to teach with more awareness and depth.  

What you will learn

Tools for smart teaching

Teaching skills to save energy

Almost everything that happens in your classes is in your hands. Find out how to take charge of your class, teaching from an authentic, energizing and inspiring place.


Effective teaching methods

Delivering & designing your classes

Learn how to create a positive and effective learning/teaching environment, by implementing diversity in your teaching methods.


Teaching with clear direction

Learning goals and plans

Clarify your teaching, learn how to set teaching goals for your classes, and how to transform your goals into class programs that are connected to you and your students.

Curriculum Outline
1. Tools for smart teaching​
1.1 Smart teaching: creating independent dance students in your class
1.2 Teaching more than movement: teaching DANCE
1.3 Energy savers: finding your optimal balance
2. Effective teaching methods
2.1 Methodological awareness: implementing teaching methods
2.2 Teaching approaches part 1: technical, reproductive, expressive & creative
2.3 Teaching approaches part 2: choreographical and receptive
3. Teaching with clear direction
3.1 Setting authentic teaching goals: starting with why
3.2 The highway to growth: time, power, space and body
3.3 Tools for creating teaching programs: transforming your goals into programs
Step 1

November 1st, 2021

Starting November 1st, 2021 you get access to the program, where the first recorded content is already available. All recorded videos will be available for you to watch until October 31st 2022.

Step 2

November 8th, 2021

From November 8th, 2021 to January 2022 new recorded content will be added weekly. All recorded videos will be available for you to watch until October 31st 2022.

Step 3

......., 2022

Sunday Evening ........ 2022 from 19.00 to 20.30 there will be a live group call with Esther via Zoom, where you can ask all your questions about the program content. Can't make it? This call will also be recorded.

Meet your teacher

Esther Nederpelt (NL)

Esther Nederpelt has been a passionate dance teacher for 22 years in the field of modern jazzdance. In the past ten years Esther has specialized in observing, supervising and coaching dance teachers and giving individual coaching sessions. Esther teaches classes and workshops internationally, and is a guest dance teacher at the Academy of Dance Education Fontys. 

"I am looking forward to meet you here! I'll be giving you very practical tools to work more efficiently with teaching goals and methodological awareness. Smart teaching to save your energy and simultaneously activate your dance students more, as well as focusing on a clear transmission of your dance vision from your own authentic source. Inspirational input to get your dance class flowing and growing!”

Esther Nederpelt
Who is this program for?

New dance instructors looking for guidance and support

Experienced dance instructors looking for new information and ongoing training

Everyone interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of teaching dance


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Most frequent questions and answers

Muze is currently in its pre-launch phase. There wil be a crowdfunding campaign in September 2021 where you can buy all the programs you want 🙂 Don’t want to miss out on the launch? Definitely subscribe for our newsletter here to keep up to date!

Yes, all videos are prerecorded so you can watch them in your own time. You will have access to the program from November 1st 2021 to October 31st 2022.

The group call will be recorded, and available for you to watch.

This program is created for dance teachers. Although there are parts of the content that are interesting for students, the largest part of this program is geared towards dance teachers. But definitely have a look at our other programs, we do offer content that is also interesting for dance students.

If you are just starting out as a teacher, the program can definitely be of great help to you. The training is especially useful for teachers who already teach classes or workshops, so you can put all you learn to practice. 

We believe that continuing your professional development is vital to be an inspiring, skillful and happy teacher. Hearing the perspective of teachers different from yourself can give you a huge creative boost. Which is also great news for your students, as their practice will be enriched by your ongoing development.

Yes, definitely! This program is created for dance teachers in general, not only for fusion bellydance teachers.

Yes, definitely! This program is created for dance teachers in general, not only for fusion bellydance teachers.

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