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Video production and web development are costly and time consuming practices. We have already covered the initial costs and have begun the production of multiple classes. We have finalized the design of the website and can’t wait to start the development of the platform.
We are about 40% of the way there. We need your help to get us to the finish line and to make Muze come to life. Your support will allow us to pay our teachers and team a fair wage and support the cost of producing inspiring videos for your teaching practice.
Help us bring Muze to life, and together we will make your teaching journey even more joyful and inspired.
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Being a dance teacher is a profession in its own right

dance teachers are multitalents

You create

You create classes, choreographies, routines, warm ups, cool downs, exercises, playlists, etc

You motivate

Your students look to you for guidance, motivation, and inspiration

You communicate

In working with students you need to be able to communicate what you know effectively, in a verbal and non verbal way.

You sell

You do branding and marketing to get new students

You facilitate

You bring groups together, and create safety and community feeling

You organize

You organize classes, workshops, and maybe even your own events and shows

Nourish your teaching journey
with joy and inspiration

at Muze Online Academy

What Muze has to offer


Muze offers weekly tools to inspire your teaching and help you access your creativity. Tips & tricks for your dance classes, shared playlists, articles and more. Inspire your students and yourself with alternating approaches, music and class content.


Continuing your professional development is one of the best ways to refresh yourself as a dance teacher. Muze offers a range of training programs for fusion bellydance teachers, so you can deepen your craft, up-level your teachings and stay a happy teacher with happy students.


As dance teachers we work alone most of the time. Having a community you can turn to, can be a big support. Muze helps you to expand your network and meet fellow teachers from all over the world.

we can’t wait to meet you!