Welcome to Muze

Our mission is to make your teaching journey joyful and inspired

Muze is here to guide you in your teaching journey, offering you a safe, welcoming, and creative space where you can go for training, inspiration, and connection. Teaching fusion bellydance is a wonderful, rewarding and exciting job. But it also requires many skills. Dancing and teaching are two different skill sets. And beyond dance technique itself, there are many factors that can make or break your class, and your pleasure in teaching. 

Being a dance teacher equals
being multitalented

dance teachers have a unique set of personal attributes and abilities

You create

You create classes, choreographies, routines, warm ups, cool downs, exercises, playlists, etc

You motivate

Your students look to you for guidance, motivation, and inspiration

You communicate

In working with students you need to be able to communicate what you know effectively, in a verbal and non verbal way.

You sell

You do branding and marketing to get students and/ or teaching jobs

You facilitate

You bring groups together, and create safety and community feeling

You organize

You organize classes, workshops, and maybe even your own events and shows

Now imagine a place where you can go for training in all these areas

and connect with like minded souls

Welcome to Muze Online Academy

Inspiration, Training & Community for fusion bellydance teachers


Muze offers weekly tools to inspire your teaching and help you access your creativity. Tips & tricks for your dance classes, shared playlists, articles and more. Inspire your students and yourself with alternating approaches, music and class ideas.


Continuing your professional development is one of the best ways to refresh yourself as a dance teacher. Muze offers a range of training programs for fusion bellydance teachers, so you can deepen your craft, up-level your teachings and stay a happy teacher with happy students. Expect programs in the field of effective communication, teaching methods, anatomy, marketing, and more.


As dance teachers we work alone most of the time. Having a community you can turn to, can be a big support. Muze helps you to expand your network and meet fellow teachers from all over the world.

Hi, I am Teuta, fusion bellydance ambassador, business coach and former fusion bellydance teacher. It has been my longtime dream to connect, support and empower the fusion bellydance teacher community by fostering a safe, welcoming, and creative space where teachers can go for training and inspiration. After 10 months of concept development, composition of the team and curriculum developing, Muze Online Academy is finally ready to be shared with the world. To see whether this is something the fusion bellydance community truly wants, I have decided to create a Kickstarter campaign to test the waters in September 2021. I am looking forward to your reactions and to see whether you are as enthusiastic about the idea as we are!


Founder Muze Platform
Muze Timeline
Step 1

August 2020
- May 2021

Concept developing, curriculum development, creation website and filming of first content

Step 2

May 2021
- August 2021

Campaign & Announcement teacher team & curriculum.

Step 3

September 2021
- October 2021

Crowdfunding Campaign

Step 4

November 2021

In case of successful crowdfunding campaign: Official launch Muze Online Academy

More info coming soon!
Stay tuned...

we can’t wait to meet you!